10 hours lesson £300

What you get for buying driving lessons from us, checks we do:

  • Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency approved driving instructor.
  • Dual controlled fitted vehicles.
  • MOT, fully taxed and insured vehicles.
  • Vehicles fitted with dash cam with audio, this allows us to follow up should you have a complaint.
  • Progress chart used to keep track of your progress.
  • We pay the driving school/ instructor in lump sum, this allows us to intervene should you have a genuine complaint/ grievances and refund money for any lessons you have not taken.
  • GPR fitted vehicles which allows us to track punctuality of driving instructor and lesson road side stoppages.
  • We will find you an test date upon you reaching test standard, we will be notified by your driving school/ instructor when to find you an test date. Do not worry your driving instructor will speak with you first before asking us to find you an test date. We will just need your practical driving test booking reference number from you, current test fee is £62 which you will pay when booking the test and we will meet the cost of finding you an test date to suit you and your driving instructor.
  • We will find you a driving school/ instructor who has good reviews.